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Policy & Advocacy


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AIDS Alliance works for you in Washington, DC.


Policy Priorities


No one can fight AIDS alone. We all depend on each other, and we all depend on the public policy developed here in our nation's capital. Federal AIDS policy constructs the public health safety net for people living with HIV disease and determines how much money goes each year to support the programs they rely on. Federal AIDS policy also shapes the content of HIV prevention messages for youth.


AIDS Alliance advocates for AIDS policies that translate into support for local programs and services across the United States. We also care deeply about support for programs fighting AIDS around the world, and we advocate for a strong U.S. response to the global pandemic.


As the Washington voice for women, children, youth, and families, AIDS Alliance focuses our policy work on family-centered care and prevention, with special attention to Part D (Title IV) of the Ryan White CARE Act, the AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP), Medicaid and Medicare, federal HIV prevention programs, substance abuse and mental health services, and access to comprehensive sex education and HIV prevention for school-aged youth.


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