AIDS Alliance Recognizes NationalHIV Vaccine Awareness Day

AIDS Alliance Recognizes National<br />HIV Vaccine Awareness Day

Aids Alliance

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May 18, 2011

AIDS Alliance Recognizes National
HIV Vaccine Awareness Day

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Nation’s Communities Urged to
Be the Generation that Ends the AIDS Epidemic


Washington, D.C.–On May 18, 2011, AIDS Alliance for Children, Youth & Families observes the 14th annual HIV Vaccine Awareness Day. It is a day to reflect on the impact HIV/AIDS continues to have on communities across the country. We highlight HIV vaccine trials, show our appreciation for the volunteers who make this critical research possible, and educate people about the need for more volunteers from all walks of life and what participation entails.


HIV Vaccine Awareness Day is also a day to acknowledge the perseverance and commitment of the scientists, researchers, volunteers, community leaders, individuals, governments and other organizations dedicated to ending the AIDS epidemic.


In this country alone, 56,300 individuals become newly infected with HIV each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). That’s one person every 9 ½ minutes. That’s why AIDS Alliance for Children, Youth & Families continues its efforts to educate the communities it serves about the need for an HIV vaccine.


This May 18, AIDS Alliance for Children, Youth & Families calls on everyone to be part of the efforts to end the AIDS epidemic by showing their support for HIV vaccine research. Individuals throughout the nation are participating in local events to commemorate HVAD, spreading the word about HIV vaccine research, and supporting the ongoing HIV vaccine studies occurring in across the country.


Please join AIDS Alliance for Children, Youth & Families as we give accolades to those who have supported the search for a vaccine and encourage others to learn more about how they can be a part of the generation to end HIV/AIDS.


Learn more about HIV vaccine research and local events at or /education/vaccine/