AIDS Alliance Establishes theAllen Anthony Huff Leadership Fund–Update

AIDS Alliance Establishes the<br />Allen Anthony Huff Leadership Fund–Update

Aids Alliance

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August 18, 2011

AIDS Alliance Establishes the
Allen Anthony Huff Leadership Fund–Update

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Allen Anthony Huff, 1960-2011  On June 9, 2011, Allen Anthony Huff, a dear friend of AIDS Alliance and the HIV/AIDS community, died from AIDS related complications. Allen helped to lay the critical foundation for many core programs targeting women, youth and families implemented today by AIDS Alliance. Allen was an extraordinary leader volunteering countless hours to ensure the success of many national organizations that he championed. “Allen was a gentle, giving soul and a wonderful member of the board of AIDS Alliance. He served as Treasurer and helped push the organization forward in our fundraising areas and outreach to the broader AIDS community,” says David Harvey, founding executive director of AIDS Alliance. In Allen’s memory, AIDS Alliance has established the Allen Anthony Huff Leadership Fund to support the leadership development of consumers on AIDS Alliance’s board. Bonnie Pfeifer Evans, AIDS Alliance Board Member and long-time friend of Allen shares “A true Gentleman & cherished Friend, Allen was always there for so many, no matter how tough the journey. We will all miss, but never forget, his generous & giving Spirit. Now his important legacy will live on through the Allen Huff Leadership Fund.” On May 3, 2011,

AIDS Alliance was pleased to receive a generous pledge of $25,000 from The Charles Evans Foundation in Allen’s honor. We are grateful for this donation to ensure consumer board members have the skills and tools necessary to lead the agency forward. The Allen Huff Leadership Fund will ensure Allen’s investment in the HIV/AIDS movement is never forgotten and continues to live on through emerging consumer leaders. If you would like to contribute to the Allen Huff Leadership Fund please click HERE or contact Aisha Heath, To learn more about Allen, please read the following excerpts of tributes recently posted in POZ Magazine and The or visit


POZ Magazine Tribute
Allen Anthony Huff, 1960-2011
by Bob Pelham
June 27, 2011

“Allen was a silent soldier in the fight against AIDS. Where I had learned my activism from the likes of Bob Hattoy, Larry Kramer and Sean Strub, he learned to fight the battle from the side of using science and raising money in the hopes of finding a cure. Where I was helping plan protests, marching in ACT UP demonstrations and creating havoc against pharmaceutical companies, he was writing medical papers, publishing articles in POZ, RITA! and other AIDS journals, as well as participating in countless world AIDS conferences, antiretroviral conferences and even ICAAC, the Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy.”
(To read the entire tribute visit “POZ-Allen Huff Tribute.”)


AIDS Activist Allen Huff Dies of an HIV Drug Side Effect

By Nelson Vergel
June 13, 2011

“Allen was only 51 and a kind soul that always found the time to tell people he loved them. He worked as a volunteer in many HIV non profits and raised a lot of money for several of them. He had a lot of dreams of helping others. I am glad he had a lot of love around him in his last days. We celebrated his birthday with him a few days before his death and he was surrounded by his friends and family who were there to show their love. I am glad he was able to be conscious that day to receive it.”
(To read the entire tribute visit “The Body-Allen Huff Tribute.”)